• Languages: Java, C#, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Rust, HTML, CSS
  • Tools: Linux, VS Code, Docker, docker-compose, Ansible, SaltStack, LXD, Git, Unity, OpenGL
  • Hobbies: Programming, hardware hacking, cybersecurity, DevOps, systems administration, music production, songwriting, whatever I feel like at any given moment

Work experience

Contractor, Panic Barn (C#/Unity, Dec 2019 - present)

  • (TBA!)

Contractor, Size Five Games (C#/Unity, Nov 2019)

  • Implemented save versioning support on top of their bespoke savegame serialization engine
  • Significantly optimized central game locations with many tile entities
  • Got in the credits!

Contractor, Invisible Wonder (Java, Mar-Apr 2017)

  • Ported the Flash game Gemolition to Android using libGDX. Resulting port was never published, and company is now defunct.

Personal projects

You should take a look at my projects page!


Psh, I haven't even graduated high school. Rest of the CV's more impressive, trust me.