PluralKit (Jul 2018 - present)

  • A Discord bot designed for plural communities, allowing you to register system and member profiles, set up message triggers relayed by webhook-based psuedo-accounts, log switches, and more.
  • Written in C# using Discord.NET, uses PostgreSQL for data storage of now tens of millions of rows, and runs in Docker containers on a (cheap!) Alpine Linux-based VPS.

Tea (Jan 2019 - present)

  • A lightweight game framework written in C++ using Wren for user-facing scripting.
  • Renders graphics using OpenGL ES 2.0, handles windowing and input using GLFW and audio using PortAudio.

CRAMDVoiceLessons Archive (Aug 2019 - present)

  • A platform for hosting past recordings of online voice lessons, gated to Patreon subscribers over a certain monthly pledge amount.
  • Written in Go, using an ffmpeg-based transcoding pipeline mixing Craig-outputted multitrack opus files into single-track audio files of various user-playable formats. (Apr 2017 - Jul 2017)

  • A collaborative online pixel canvas where users can paint on a shared online image.
  • Written in Java using the Undertow web framework, uses WebSockets for client-server communication peaking at 25,000 concurrent connections.